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I'm Vincent Frank De Benedetto:  philosopher; New York Times-cited and quoted writer; poet; neologist (creator of new words); Agape Master (uh gop' ay, i.e. brotherly love, "agape" in Greek philosophy); Silence Activist (and here and here); health educator; musician; past and present family caregiver (Father, now Mother); former resident Leafblower & Community Relations Expert at a top national anti-noise organization (details available); and founder of THE FSD GROUP, a comprehensive conceptual framework for my commercial innovation, representing and uniting my ten fledgling business entities. I presently maintain a total of about 30 web sites, each of which I conceived, researched, wrote, and built. See below.

The crown jewels of, among, and within these work areas are my music, prose, and poetry, forming the principal activity of my de facto operational vehicle, the DE BENEDETTO MUSIC & WRITING STUDIO.

I hold a B.A. in Philosophy from Seton Hall University.

I'm a continuing student of the erstwhile television program Terminator:  The Sarah Connor Chronicles, for its sophisticated and plausible portrayal of "Cameron," a modern humanoid A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), that I consider a springboard for analysis and discussion of real-world A.I., present and future. I also treat this key topic here.

I have a large placard of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in my living room window, resident there year-round.

Interested and active in many areas, including business, technology, and culture, as well as political philosophy and health, I've corresponded with Steve Jobs, legendary founder of Apple Computer; spoken with Congressional Fellow Elbert Garcia in Congressman Charles B. Rangel's office in Washington, D.C. on matters of war and peace; in an important effort in musical forensics, corresponded with the last surviving person with an immediate family connection to lyricist Chet Powers (aka "Dino Valenti"), composer of the 1967 classic song Get Together, a musical piece featuring profound and socially urgent lyrical poetry, who may have had knowledge of the explicit meaning of those lines, this person being the husband of Katherine Powers, Chet's sister, as Katherine, herself, whom I had originally attempted to correspond with, had just passed away.

I also maintain a platform for the U.S. Presidency.

I've also recently renewed my commitment to (ovo-lacto) vegetarianism, because while Man, the human animal, is at the heart of my Agape paradigm, there is a discrepancy, incongruity, or discontinuity between a commitment to love the human animal, to help relieve its suffering and actualize its existence, and the complete absence of love for the non-human animal, also a sentient being that feels pain and self-preserves, as we commit its torture and slaughter in order to turn it into food or other products.

I'm the son of Frank Salvatore De Benedetto, musical composer, poet, and author of the substantive and important candidate for official New Jersey state song, Let Us Talk About the People. Promoting the anthem, my Father made a televised guest appearance on the Joe Franklin Show. As a composer, he was also the subject, with photographs, of several newspaper features over the years.

My Mother, Jean De Benedetto, retired, was an Executive Legal Secretary with a North Jersey law firm for over 20 years. Known as the go-to person to learn how to do just about anything, she was, and is, genuinely beloved by her co-workers. Her former co-worker Evelyn said to me about a month ago, for example (around October 01, 2017), with no prompting, "I love your Mom." While I, her son, was chiseling out theory in social science in the area of the Love Ethic, or Brotherly Love, my Mother was already practicing Love day-to-day with her co-workers, and everyone else.


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My Internet Resources

I presently maintain about thirty web sites. All were conceived, built, and written by me, and all are explicit or implicit in their advocacy for the creation of a Love-centered world, the BROTHERHOOD OF MAN. Those of my sites intended for commercial development and operation are part of my fledgling company THE FSD GROUP, and are found at that site, while THE DE BENEDETTO MUSIC & WRITING STUDIO website contains all of my sites.




Vincent Frank De Benedetto

Philosopher of Love / Agape Master